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Our services

Our mission is to provide comprehensive services in the respect of planning, installing, servicing, integrating and expanding teletechnical systems that facilitate the management of commercial properties and public utilities. Discover our flagship products as well as their benefits and potential.


People counters

Our flagship product ensures an accurate observation of the movement of people.
People counters are our flagship product. The systems installed by us operate in many commercial and service facilities, museums etc. in Poland as well as in Europe, and the number is constantly increasing. The solutions offered by us are suitable for small establishments as well as large scale facilities.
The software designed for managing the system and reporting is adjusted to the customer’s needs and the facility’s requirements, since we know how important practicality and simplicity of use is for the end-user.
Our main goal is to provide our customers with accurate and credible data processed in the most optimal way. We achieve this by working with proven equipment with an accuracy of at least 95%.

Footfall systems can be enriched with additional systems that provide other important data, for example:
-Zone monitoring system (creating congestion maps)
-Indoor movement path tracking system



The systems designed for traffic flow measurement and traffic management in car parks.
The task of the parking system is to measure the traffic flow and to manage the traffic in the parking area. Parking systems are compatible with the footfall system, which enables the user to obtain additional data thanks to the fact that these two systems are correlated. However, the parking system is also fully autonomous and does not require the installation of the footfall system.
Parking systems can be enriched with:
-Plate number recognition system,
-Parking space management system,
thanks to which many other useful information is able to be passed to the owner of a facility.
A full system introduces many facilities for the users of a parking area –
It informs about the number of free spots and about the availability of particular spots. In addition to this, it helps to find one’s car in a jammed car park.



Other complementary systems offered by TOP-KEY include an

ico_system_sygnalizacji_wlamaniaAnti-burglary and assault alarm system ico_system_kontroli_dostepu Control and access system ico_system_telewizji Closed circuit television system (CCTV) ico_system_voip Telecommunication VOIP system ico_integracja Stocking control system
ico_system_kontroli_dostepu Loyalty programmes system ico_system_telewizji Queues recognition system ico_system_voipVideo walls
Customer satisfaction survey system
And many others, which due to the variety of our customers’ needs are created individually.
If you want to obtain a system adjusted to your needs, we will find you a perfect solution.



Our systems are used in:
ico_galeriach_handlowych Department stores ico_placowkach_handlu Retail venues ico_muzeah Museums ico_budynkach_urzytecznosci Public utility buildings ico_stadionach Stadiums



Market Manager, the system supporting the management and the analysis of commercial facilities provided by AiOA, s a perfect solution that guarantees a fast access to the data concerning commercial facilities.


Throughout a wide range of on-line and off-line reports, it facilitates the process of decision-making involved with tenants, as well as an entire commercial facility. The application may also cover a group of commercial facilities, which allows the comparison of the condition of centres, as well as individual tenants or brands.
The system’s functionality:
      • RECORDS

        – Sales area records
        – Register of stores
        – Register of tenants
        – Turnover and duties records
        – Exchange rates and statistical data records
        – Register of customers document records
      • REPORTS
        – Current reports for the directors of centres (on-line) concerning the condition of an entire center
        – Reports describing the condition of particular tenants
        – Long-term reports
        – Seasonal reports for the investors concerning the centre’s condition
        – Visual reports
        – Reports including exchange rates
        – Reports on duties

        – A possibility of managing a group of estates (regardless of country)
        – A possibility of integration with a current accounting system
        – A possibility of exporting the data to MS Office Suite
        – A possibility of importing archived data – a module of inner communication within a company