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About Us

TOP-KEY has been on the security market since 1991. Since the mid 90s we have been providing technical solutions for commercial properties and public spaces. During this period, we became an expert in this field and we gained the necessary experience for providing comprehensive services of this kind. Today we benefit from our client’s trust, satisfaction and peace of mind.
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    Our mission

    Discover our goals
    and values.

    Our main goal is to provide useful and reliable tools that facilitate management. Regardless of the size of a project , we will provide an optimal solution in respects of measurement and control systems.

    Our customers’ comfort and peace of mind are very important to us. In order to provide our customers with the most credible data, our constant goal is to make our systems more and more accurate and reliable.

    Our customers will be provided with practical and modern systems along with full technical support. We will take care of living up to your expectations.

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    Our story

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    our customer’s trust.

    TOP-KEY has been functioning on the security market since 1991. Since mid ’90s our enterprise has been equipping commercial properties with systems that collect and analyse quantitative information about the movement of people, the manner in which they are moving and other data concerning the visitors.

    For almost a decade this data has been simplifying the management of facilities, has been improving marketing activities and, above all, has been helping to save our customers’ time and money. Throughout this period we have developed a fruitful and stable cooperation with the biggest worldwide equipment manufacturers such as Axis Communications and Irisys.

    During the time we’ve been on the market, many customers have put their trust in us and their numbers are constantly increasing. In order to see to whom we offer our assistance and services too.
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Andrzej Guziński

Executive Director
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Marcin Guziński

Chief Operating Officer
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